Wanzie’s Ladies of Eola High Seas
11 Jul 2016

Wanzie’s Ladies of Eola High Seas

11 Jul 2016

I love when my work includes photography. My favorite projects are shows that Michael Wanzie, Kenny Howard and Chris Yakubchik write, produce and direct and star Beth Marshall, Peg O’Keefe, Sam Singhaus & Blue Star. Okay, okay, okay, I’m a nut for Wanzie’s Ladies of Eola Heights series.

This summer’s show is Wanzie’s Ladies of Eola High Seas. It is playing at the Abbey now. (Click on any picture for tickets) I’ve seen it twice and counting. Wanzie can get me laughing and crying and back again in under 5 minutes. His writing is a kind of magic I couldn’t not begin to dissect or understand. But it touches everyone.

The comedy and timing of these shows just slay me. The emotion always surprises me. I can watch them over and over and still feel all the feels just as strongly.

I am forever awed by Sam Singhaus. He plays Miss Sammy as if overtly. There she is in all her drama. Nobody is going to look away when MIss Sammy is on the stage. But what I love is the small things. The little insecurities that a woman her age would have but try to mask. It’s the tiniest gestures that get to me. With all the make-up, wigs and costumes, it is Miss Sammy’s eyes that are telling the story.

Speaking of costumes, the amazing Marcie Singhaus knocks another one out of the park here. Marcie knows these Ladies inside and out! She makes sure to convey it all to the audience.

Go see this show! Orlando needed the Ladies and they came through again!!!!

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