Content Marketing
05 Mar 2019

Content Marketing

05 Mar 2019

Content marketing: creating and distributing relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience – ultimately driving consumer loyalty and action.


I love telling stories. It’s what I’ve always done. This is one of the reasons I love today’s media and marketing space. Every company or person has not only a level playing field – via the web – to tell their story but also the necessity. Fortune 500 companies continue to shift budgetary funds out of traditional advertising channels and into dynamic content marketing.

Content is king. Whether you are B to B, B to C, a news or media company, or an influencer, your clients, viewers, and audience expect rich informative content. And they expect it on a consistent basis.

People rarely watch a video twice, so commercials aren’t seeing the reach on the web that they enjoyed in the golden days of television.

No longer do we see the push out of ad campaigns that remain static. We would no longer stay interested in a photo of Mark Wahlberg in his underwear past a few hours. Imagine that. Content must be dynamic. It must change. It must engage. It must inform. And, then it must retain.

When I am working with companies on their content strategies, I ask these questions:

• What are you trying to say with your content?
• Are you saying it?
• Is your audience listening?
• Are you engaging? Informing? Retaining?

Wrapped around all of this is your story. You can never forget you are telling your own story to your clients or viewers with every piece of content you publish. Through this you engender engagement and trust with your audience.

This simple diagram is something that spins in my head. We work from the center out, but your story is the blanket that quietly wraps around it all.

Our sweet spot at PWMG is video content. There has never been a time where video is more in demand. Video engages at higher rates than any other content. Remember to mind your video budget to stretch your quantity. Be mindful of consistency. Your content is your conversation with your audience. Keep it going.

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