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We are a business to business team committed to excellence in visual media while helping our clients achieve quantifiable results.
Visual assets need to be dynamic in today’s rapidly changing media environments. Our clients require images that will stand out at the top, as the competition for viewers and customers increases exponentially each year.
We partner with our clients to achieve their objectives, and grow their reach. The truth is we have a lot of fun doing it. It’s just who we are.
Patty Wolfe, herself, wants to live in a world filled with innovative businesses, great films, big & small animals, friendly people and a lot of water. Patty began her career as a producer/director more than 30 years ago at ABC Network Television. She’s worked for Good Morning America and ABC Sports — covering Olympics, Super Bowls, Triple Crown Horse Racing and loads of other stuff on Wide World of Sports. She produced stage shows for Kathie Lee Gifford and a Christmas Special for CBS. Patty was producer and co-owner of the Jim Thorpe Pro Sports Awards, the first pro sports awards show on television from 1992-1995. In addition to producing, she helped establish the elite panel of voters, presenters, and advertisers. All of this hard work and dedication to her career in network television earned her 3 three Sports Emmy Awards and Directors Guild of America recognition.
Patty is passionately involved in the non-profit community. In addition to producing features for Autism Speaks, Association to Benefit Children, Women’s Sports Foundation, Preferred Behavioral Health, 180 Turning Lives Around, The Center for Discovery and more, she served on several boards as well. This is where she likes to shine.

As managing director of the media group, Patty finds herself alongside young talent and creative innovation every day. That, and knowing together they help launch clients to new heights, makes this her favorite time in her career and life.
“I wasn’t looking to start a company when I found this brilliant group of people one by one. I knew I wanted to work with them for a long time. I credit them with our success, and thank them for their dedication.”



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