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Happy Birthday Up There in the Snow!

Happy Birthday to my son who turns 16 today!! One of downsides of having a child attend boarding school is that we can’t always be together on a birthday. Though, I do get to see pictures of him having a great time his friends online, and that makes me very happy!

One of his friends took the shot above this past fall. I love this picture because it shows him doing what he loves best — taking pictures. He is the sports photographer for the weekly school newspaper. He is as committed to that responsibility as he is to his academics and his own sports. It is pure joy for parents to watch their children pursue the things they love.

I tried as a parent to provide all the resources my two kids needed (needed not wanted!) but I stood out of the way whenever possible. Their homework, their school life, the activities they chose to focus on. That was all them. I was surprised by how many parents were laboring over homework, assessments or projects. I told the kids pretty early on (1st grade) that it is up to them to decide what type of student they would like to be, and what kind of life they would like to live.

I suppose there are as many approaches to parenting as there are children. I can only say this method worked for me. They made choices I couldn’t have dreamed up. I provide the food, clothes and plane tickets, then I sit back and enjoy them and their enthusiasm. They have pride in themselves and their decisions.

One of those decisions my son made was to apply to boarding school. Trust me when I tell you this is the LAST thing I would have planned. But he is getting an education and an experience that is life changing. He loves it. I am thrilled for him.

He didn’t fly home this weekend because he was concerned the weather might delay flights. Good call on his part. Another two feet of snow is falling on his school as we speak. I guess I can’t argue with that decision either.

I miss you son! Have the best birthday possible! Knowing you are smiling makes me incredibly happy!

In unrelated news, I spent the day on conference calls. Tomorrow I have two shoots. Yay!